You need a VRML plugin e.g the CosmoPlayer!

We used the CosmoPlayer at this time, but it needs some hand work to set it up in this days, see on the link VRML Plugin and Browser Detector for more information.

This project was made for Offline presentation on an SGI with power, so the DATA are very big sometimes.

VRMLandesgalerie Oberösterreich
Ausstellungsschwerpunkte der letzten Jahre und exemplarische Werkthemen werden in VRML Umgebungen umgesetzt.
Exhibition topics and artistic works are not just represented, but serve as source for creative VRML appliance and programming.

3D Avatars / Topolcianky
Traceroutes of the 3rd Web were made navigable at the summerworkshop of the international academy Topolcianky. These Avatars here consist of Netprotocolls itself. Understanding Avatars not as substitute for individuality but for shifting and permanently changing personal datasets. And they can also serve as SUperfem Avatars. Basic Commands are displayed in these Shellwindows. They serve now as texture for abstract avatars. Text/ure like this can be updated for the actual moment of communication. This is the idea for the project in progress.